Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Shade of Twitter

I use Twitter to connect with other green writers and companies. As a writer, I use it to get leads on interviews and stories, discover what people who aren't in my RSS feed are writing and to get my own articles out there. In short, I add and look for value.
Twitter is part of how I spend my time online. I'm not a "What I ate for lunch" tweeter, and I don't air my emotional laundry there either.
Some people have been asking me lately who I Follow that they should Follow- That's a hard question to answer. That said, here are people I look to on Twitter for consistently great tweets and a little about why:

@GreenOptions: Blog network in San Francisco, now part of Virgance. They have an amazing community of writers (full disclosure: I write for Green Options) that post consistently with engaging articles.

@BlueLivingIdeas: Blog about water issues and water conservation out of San Francisco. (full disclosure: again, I write for them). My passion is water and they have a great looking site with great quality posts from some of the best writers around.

@JerryJamesStone: San Francisco green blogger. He posts a lot and always has great topics, often about new things in the green car/vehicle world.

@SeanDaily: Editor of BlueLivingIdeas. Recently had a great interview with Sam Bozzo, director of "Blue Gold," a movie about worldwide water issues.

@MurrayNewlands: Green online marketer and Ebook author. He is doing some really cool stuff with online green marketing.

@GreenGigs: Twitter account for a green jobs website that is active in connecting green professionals with jobs. Grassroots job search of sorts. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a job in the green world.

@ChrisBrogan: Not focused on green issues, but he keeps a blog at that is an essential read for anyone who wants to keep up with social media developments. Fun to read and always industry-leading thoughts.

@Mashable: Twitter account for a social media blog that keeps you up on everything you need to know and more. If you are on Twitter you should follow them.

There are more, but those are folks I love seeing pop up on my Twitter stream because it's usually somehting green and great.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for folks I should Follow!

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  1. Thanks for following Green Gigs on Twitter Scott! I enjoy connecting with other green job hunting folks out there and am constantly amazed at all the eco-cool stuff going on I would be clueless about without Twitter. I am going to go check out one or two of your recs I don't know yet now...!