Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twitter and Social Media in Green

Today and tomorrow I'm at 140: The Twitter Conference hearing a lot about the history and developments different people from Twitter are planning on. I will be posting thoughts and developments from the Conference as they come to

I've written before about social media and the green movement, especially how they both come down to one thing: community. You can't be green on your own and you can't be social with any media by yourself.

Thoughts on green uses of Twitter.

1. FlashMobs: CarrotMob is part of San Francisco's Virgance network- basically they do focused shopping at stores and restaurants that they find are doing great green things. CarrotMob organized people to go and spend money there en masse. This takes a lot of organizing and emails- why not use Twitter? If someone were at a store and wanted to do this kind of thing impromptu, they could. FlashMob-style politicized green shopping. Yes.

2. Community building: There is already a strong green community on Twitter. #ecomonday is the green version of #followfriday, which starts that ball rolling. Twilight Earth just put out an article called: "What the Hashtag? Navigating the #Green World of Twitter" http://is.gd/FrxD" So, people and publications are making things happen and already building that community. Since green is building from grassroots beginnings and loose national networks and Twitter itself is still growing their site layout and structures- why isn't there a green Twitter app? Are there Twitter community apps? Maybe there should be soon.

3. Backcountry Tweets: Because one of the hallmarks of Twitter is that it can communicate over SMS even when a phone call doesn't work would be a great way to improve safety for backcountry trips- and keep them green.

More later...

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